Biryani pulav cooking receipe..

For serving 2 persons.

(A) Heat 200 gms ghee in a pan for 2 minutes. Add 10 gms Cumin powder, 3 black cardamom, 6 green cardamom, 2 bay leaves, 8 cloves, 3 sticks of cinnamon.

(B) Stir 2 minutes. Now add 500 g basmati rice & stir for 5 minutes.

(C) Now add 200 g carrot piece, 150 g green peas, 150 g chopped french beans, 2 tbsp salt, 1 litre water & 2 tbsp AHURA BIRYANI PULAV MASALA.stir well.

(D) Cover the Pan and reduce that flame to low. Allow the rice to simmer & cook in flavours for 25:30 minutes or till all the water has been absorbed.

Garnish with stir fried Cashew & serve steaming hot biryani accomplished with yogurt.