About us

Our Soul
A simple Parsi family making jokes over the paneer not tasting as good as the chicken; we developed a range that offers clean, additive free products to the community.

We are known for our bakery items given that we need khari and bun maskas with our chai yet people are calling upon us for our range of spices. The spices are not treated, the idea is to give you as natural and authentic a product as we can, the one that we can have our ‘dikra’ also consume without fear.

Overwhelmed with a fantastic response to our hotel on the highway on your way to Gujarat, the increasing demand for our range of spice blends to recreate the dishes at home, we were motivated to launch Ahura Spices.

We are passionate farmers who grow our own produce, imagine a parsi in his ganji on the farm, of course we had to produce something more so we forward integrated to fruits, vegetables, herbs and more our spice blends.

Ahura is a homegrown brand with a vision of staying true to its natural process whilst trying to cater to the global market. We offer a range of whole spices, grounded and blends.

Our facilities are licensed and certified and we are proud to have customers in USA & Canada for our range.

Our Vision
A community, that aspires to enjoy genuine authentic flavours at their homes. It is easy to make any blend a little extra tasty by adding certain chemicals however our goal is to invite people to our facility and join us in our journey in trying to create a transparent food chain of spice blends. We want people to know about Parsi cuisine and at the same time unique ways of preparing the same dish moving away from monotony.

All our ingredients are either grown by us or procured from farms in order to
support the farmers. We want all the people associated with Ahura to be proud
of what is being offered thereby feeding their homes for contributing towards its
honest endeavor.

Our Process
We use ovens to bake our cookies, khari and other snacks. The Spices used are grounded by us. We do not add any additional processing is done to modify the taste of the products

- Natural ingredients
- No preservatives
- ONLY Natural Spices or Herbs blended together
- Home ingredients
- No hidden chemicals to increase shelf life
- Non GMO
- Rich in Aroma
- No added colour
- Hand pounded
- Hand grounded
- Hand cleaned
- No burnt taste