Sabji Masala

Sabji Masala

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A subtle blend of spice specially combined to enhance the taste of vegetable dishes. Ahura Sabji Masala is virtually the fast-food equivalent in the range of Ahura blended spices. It gives vegetable dishes a mildly resonant flavour and the appetising colour so characteristic of vegetarian fare.


  • Rinse, Peel and Dice in Small Cubes of 50 Gms Carrot, 50 Gms Capsicum, 50 Gms Brinjal and 100 Gms Potatoes. Dress 50 Gms of French Beans in to Pieces.
  • Boil All Diced Vegetables Cook for 15 Minutes. In a Pan Heat 3 Tbspn Oil, Add 3 Chopped Onions and 3 Green Chillies.
  • Allow to Get Golden Brown. Add 2 Chopped Tomatoes, ½ Tspn Ahura Black Pepper Powder, 2 Tspn Ahura Sabji Masala.
  • Cook for 5 Minutes.
  • Add Boiled Vegetables and Saute.
  • Keep 5-7 Minutes Cooking.
  • Add Chopped Green Coriander.
  • Serve (2 Persons) With Roties/nan.
  • Shelf Life - 12 months.
  • Storage Information - Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Ingredients - Chilly, Turmeric, Coriander, Bay Leaves, Trifla, Stone Flower, Salt, Clove Stem